Owned and Operated by Five 14 - 15 YEAR OLD GIRLS- Elli, Emery, Kate, Lauren and Rylie!!


YUM! I Love These Girls and Their Treats!

Teen Owned and Operated

Healthy Treats = Healthy Dogs

Teen Owned and Operated

Organic High Protein Dog Treats

Teen owned and operated

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Luca's EntrepreneHERS

Luca the Lowchen and

Five EntreprenuHERS

Our Girl-preneur Story

Sometimes the smallest (or largest) things take up the most important space in your heart. We are five 14 & 15 year old girls who started Luca's Dog Boutique when we were 10 years old. We all share the love of dogs. We are all about keeping your dog healthy and happy. That is why we created organic high protein dog treats. Our treats are delicious and tasty. We know this because we perform taste tests on all of our treat recipes. :) The treats have grain which helps your dogs heart stay healthy for a longer life according to published veterinary clinical studies. They are also a healthy organic snack giving your dog protein and organic ingredients instead of unhealthy preservatives, fillers, sludge and fats - YUK!

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Our Customers

Here's a few photos of our customers and testimonials we have received from their owners.

Our Purpose, Our Brand

We believe that you can't lead a happy life without a dog. And, you can only have a happy dog if you feed them Luca's Dog Boutique treats.

Meet Luca - Our Chief Dog Officer

Luca, on the left may be our namesake - but he is just one of the many dogs that inspire us to positively impact the lives of dogs and their owners. Meet Luca, Molly, and Teddy!

Our Commitment

Since we started five years ago we have been committed to sharing our profits with:

- Animal Humane Society

- Como Zoo

- Hennepin County Medical Center Pediatric Music Therapy

- Highlands Elementary School